Expressive, energetic and exploratory art for feeling that folds digital and analogue practices together, steeped in a teapot with social awareness meant to be shared, cared for and unpacked.

Inanimation, 2019, a piece referencing life and death as a cycle and room for change, internal and external exploration. 

Software Used: Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Aftereffects.

Skills: Animating an abstract watercolour painting to a .GIF format to change colours then using it for the texture on a Turbo Squid .OBJ. Also incorporating physics formula effects for melting.

Itching & glitching, 2019,

Exploring the discomfort in learning new information and breaking oneself apart to change and grow.

Software Used: Maya

Skills: MASH network used for creating content that is multiplied and easily manipulated with effects like a basic rotation that breaks the piece apart and gives the impression of fluidity and particle effects simulation. Also the incorporation of lighting and shading surfaces to create texture and depth.

Living Art, 2018,

A piece of digital art using analogue art, combining worlds and giving a sense of life to computer graphics

Software Used: Cinema 4D and Photoshop

Skills: Incorporation of 2D art  as texture for a surrealistic 3D environment. Key frame animations to a variety of shapes and forms that all have their own animated physics based formulas that dictate their movement and motion.  

Brain Explosions, 2018,

How our existence can be beautiful, clinical, grotesque and captivating. The way in which our brains receive and digest information and the transformative and destructive ramifications.

Software Used: Photoshop, digital painting and photography

I See, 2018,

A piece reference the anxiety and stress involved in learning new information.

Software Used: Photoshop

digitally painting with a reference photograph and using noise filters to manipulate brush strokes

I Want a New Computer, 2019

A conceptual piece referencing our contemporary thirst for newer and better technology while loosing sigh of the present moment.

Software Used: Photoshop, digital painting using rotoscopting with found-images collaged together

Self Love, 2015,

Finding beauty in the small things and loving time alone.

Watercolour and pen on paper

A Breath of Fresh Air, 2018,

A commissioned piece of art created for a women with a lung disease, intended to inspire beautiful healthy and nourishing breath.

Pen on paper.

The Mountains We Make in Our Minds, 2017,

Mental health metaphor for how much pressure comes from internally and how we can be both sad and happy simultaneously. 

Watercolour and pen on paper.

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